SPARK Program was launched in accordance with the biotechnology industry development planning. This program aims to provide assistance to those that are in the pharmaceutical industry or the medical device industry with potential products but are lacking in initial commercial planning for entrance into the market. This program includes: translation, medical regulation implementation, intellectual property registry, negotiation, marketing and commercialization planning and training.

SPARK Taiwan cultivates future teams and team projects in preparation for the entrance into the industry. Part of the program is to provide teams with initial funding as a start. The teams will go through training to learn product development methods gaining international view on turning research into products.

ž   Applicant qualifications:

(a) the project shall be submitted as a team, which shall include a clinician.

(b) the project facilitator may be a faculty member or an outside member of the university. If the partner is an outside member, at least one of your team members must be a staff member of the university.

ž   Application procedure:

(a)  Please complete the "KMU SPARK Program application form" (annex I), signed in paper and in electronic file.

(b) Please send to Mr. Chung at KMU SPARK office, E-mail:

ž   Deadline: from now on until 5 p.m. on October 4, 2019

ž   Contact us:

We welcome feedback and inquiries about any of our programs and services.

Project manager Fu-Yen Chung

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